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Genertec Group

The China General Technology Holding Limited (Genertec) was founded as a state-owned conglomerate in 1998 by the Chinese government.

The group is accepted as one of the biggest service providers for innovative products and technologies, as an important importer and exporter of consumer goods and medical products, as well as a leading provider of trade services and services in the area of mobile communication.

Genertec consists mainly of five corporate divisions: plant construction, the trading and engineering units, production of pharmaceutical goods, engineering consulting and the corporate real estate management.

With more than 50 years of experience Genertec and its subsidiaries proved themselves as a key service provider of the Chinese industry through competence, continuous development and satisfied customers. This success is also reflected in the current economic and social development of china.

With a turnover of $ 25.7 billion, Genertec joined the list of the World’s Top 500 companies in 2015.


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Genertec Group:

Employees:                             More than 45.000

Headquarters:                        Beijing

Subsidiaries:                           32 in China, 58 in foreign countries

More Informations:               http://www1.genertec.com.cn