Emil-Hoffmann-Str. 1a, 50996 Köln, Germany

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Genertec Europe Temax GmbH (Temax) is a full subsidiary of China General Technology Holding Limited (Genertec). Temax was founded in 1984 as one of the first Chinese companies in Germany during the opening of the Chinese economy. Since then the company established itself as a trusted partner of German and Chinese companies.

After 30 years of successful business operations and long-term cooperation with German, European and Chinese partners, Temax has become a specialized service provider in the industry and in international supply chain management.

Temax’s competencies show especially in the long-term partnership with the Chinese producers of high-speed trains. The key to success here is the supply chain management, meaning Temax’s customers get supplied reliably with high-tech components from all around Europe.

Further, more and more Chinese companies show interest in investing in European companies and technology. For that reason in 2005, Temax branched out to offer their consulting services to Chinese companies.


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